Welcome to The Blue Bandana.  I’m Judi, and I am here to tell stories of adventures.  Life is a grand journey full of excitement and I want to explore it all.   It happens fast and I often forget so much because it goes so quickly and I move on to the next thing before I get a chance to write it all down.  So join me as I travel, cook, eat, design, run, cycle, push myself to the limit.  I am interested in SO MANY things, and I will explore those here also –  everything from poetry, wisdom, love, and beauty in all its forms.  Hop on board!



Crashing New Year’s Eve 2015


Two days into this New Year for all, two days into the New Year’s Eve Crash of 2015 for me.  Michael and I were at the end of our NYE 2 hour 2×20 SST (sweet spot training) cooling down.  I did not see the man carrying a baby in the crosswalk in front of the Lodge;  Michael did.  He slowed down.  I did not.  I hit his wheel, and the next thing I remember is  opening my eyes to a strange man holding my neck in place.  (This man, I later found out, is an ER M.D. propitiously placed at the scene just for me.  Thank you, God!)  Apparently, my helmet clad head made contact with the road, followed by my face, shoulders, then down the rest of the left side of me.  Somewhere along the way my thumb hit hard enough to break the tip.  I don’t remember any of that – I was unconscious for a bit.  The EMTs come and cart me off to Mayo where they perform the requisite CT scans and x-rays, clean me off and staple the cut on my head (4 staples).  Thank goodness at that point in time I had no idea how horrific I look.  Michael did take pictures so I could later see what a mess I was.  He alerted friends and family, Leisha came with clothes and lunch for Michael, and Pop came for support.  Leisha and Pop brought us a car to drive home.  And about 4-5 hours after the doctor and nurses did what they needed to do to make sure I was okay to go home, exhausted, we do.

Highlights of the incident:

  1. Michael dislodging my foot from my handlebars and throwing my bike (I was not awake for this and at this point I still don’t know if IT’S okay);
  2. Michael very sternly telling someone to call 911 NOW (again not awake for this, but I hear he scared that person into it);
  3. A Beaches Velo rider taking care of our bikes for us (not awake for this – ironically the guy who took our bikes to the shop almost ran me off the road the prior Saturday);
  4. Again, the ER doctor who stabilized my neck until the EMTs arrived;
  5. Seeing my precious Michael (he’s really the star of the show here) spent and cold,  wrapped up in a blanket when I came back from x-ray;
  6. Our nurse, Jesse:  I have never felt such tender loving care from any health professional.  I thought she was going to hug me as we left!
  7. Coming home with Michael; nothing makes me feel more loved than his tender loving care of me!

Here is the picture from the day of the crash:


Yeah, epic, right?

Here are more from the next day:

The bruised and broken thumb:


The side view (with a slice of bum):


Closer in on the shoulder ( and a bit more bum):


Staple head:


AND . . . . the face:


Side story: My sister Amy scraped up her face and injured a wrist on Christmas Eve when she fell outside, so we’re now twinkies. She is one week ahead of me and said that her cuts are now mostly healed by keeping Neosporin on them.  I started with that but have now switched to lavender and frankincense essential oils mixed with equal parts coconut oil.  Here is how it looks today close up:

Yesterday I woke up with a VERY swollen face.  Today it’s a bit better!

What I am thankful for:

  1. My sweet Michael taking such good care of me;
  2. NOT having a brain or neck injury – I totally realize that my injuries could have been much more serious!
  3. Family who is there for me;
  4. LIFE.  It’s precious!



This shot was more – I don’t want to say painful – more achy is more like it – than the first shot.  I could feel it going down my leg and I needed more ice than the last time.   This morning I woke up very early (4:00 a.m.) and have lots of energy and Pain free!  But there has been no running yet, and I can’t do anything physical until tomorrow.
So today I scheduled for Maddi and I to go have a little spa day to recover.  At  One Ocean.  A total splurge!
My plan is to start tomorrow with my yoga sequence, continue the juicing and back supporting diet, and spin and stair climb, then get in the pool and aqua jog for on hour.  No impact, more cardio than I’ve done in over 2 weeks because of being sick.
And I made a Pink Lemonade Cake because my husband saw a guy come out of the market with one item in his hand – a pink cupcake.


What I ate yesterday after THE SHOT:
7:00 –  1 cup of coffee (1/2 caff, sugar and cream)
12:00 –  1 piece of Ezekiel Bread with Sunflower Butter
1:00 –  10 Triscuits dipped in mustard (for the delicious)
3:00 –  24 oz. Juice
Carrots (for the Vitamin A),
1 whole red pepper for the Vitamin C),
3 handfuls of Spinach, (for the A again),
2 lemons (for the C, and I like the sweet/tartness it gives
7:30 –  Sautted Kale (A again) with Onions, Garlic, and Sesame Seeds (Manganese, Zinc and Copper),
Crispy Cornbread, and 1 small pice of shark steak covered in Datil Pepper Sauce, 1 glass red wine
10:00 –  And,  my go to dessert,um, some chocolate and honey roasted peanuts, and another glass.

I had a very good night of sleep and woke up at 5:00am with lots of energy! : )


Based upon this retrolisthesis thing, I’ve been doing some research to find out what I can do nutritionally and otherwise to support the healing of my back.  One of the first searches I did took me to a website http://backpain.ygoy.com/2011/05/28/what-is-retrolisthesis/ that recommended nutrition as a treatment option, mostly aimed at controlling and reducing pain.  The recommended nutrients are zinc, manganese, copper, glucosamine, water, and Vitamin A.  My favorite (read: THE BEST) site for finding out what nutrients are in the foods we eat, and conversely, what foods contain certain nutrients, is The Worlds Healthiest Foods 

Vitamin A  aids in tissue repair and can be obtained from:

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.01.20 AMNo worries there, I eat plenty of sweet potatoes and carrots, kale and spinach.              Alongside this important vitamin is zinc, is an essential element for proper utilization of Vitamin A. Without zinc,  Vitamin A does not get released from the liver.  Good sources of zinc are:

From World's Healthiest Foods

From World’s Healthiest Foods

There is no venison or lamb in my diet, but sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds, mos def.

Now comes the Vitamin C:

From World's Healthiest Foods

No problem here, either, while I am not partial to papaya, the rest of the list are on the frequent and favorite list.

Next on the list, copper, which is essential in adding strength to ligaments and membranes by cross linking the proteins (I have no idea what that means – I hope it’s not like crossing the streams):

From World's Healthiest Foods

Here we are again with the sesame seeds and the pumpkin seeds.  Plus cashews, sunflower seeds, and lentils, oh my!  Accompanying the copper is manganese, which also is a player in the protein cross linking:

From World's Healthiest Foods

I never knew that pumpkin seeds were so packed with minerals and antioxidants!  Apparently, a close relationship to the soil makes for mineral nutrient richness.  I’m for it!From World's Healthiest FoodsThe other recommendations as stated above were water and glucosamine.  I think we all know where to get water from. . . . my research on glucosamine, however, revealed no food sources of this supplement.  It is reported to aid in cartilage repair, but I found inconclusive evidence and conflicting results, so I am not going to bother with it.   Do what you will, my friends.

So next comes taking all of this information and creating some good food combining to maximize the nutritional effect of these foods to aid in relieving this pernicious pain in the back.