The Inner Life

I used have time to think more, to explore my inner thoughts and desires, hopes, dreams, and goals, to have the luxury of mind space. I find that there is less and less of that in my life these days, and am less of a better person because of it. Am I so “busy,” or do allow other things to crowd my brain, and my time to push out the valuable – nay, essential, space I need to have that space and time – that peace?  Let’s get this back, me. Let’s go back to quiet time with God, thinking, brain space, the essential time to create, to pursue, to know what it even is that you want. How do we get this back once lost?  The key here is time, plus plan, plus execution, and deliberateness.  As in making and taking the time to unplug and ignore the tyranny of the urgent to focus on the timeless, intangible, ephemeral.  That which cannot be taken hold of but which is essential to the soul.   One must not be great to start, but one must start to be great!