1.  I would like one of these Dutch Sea Eagles.
  2. This is very helpful if you’re into essential oils.
  3. This is a great story!
  4. Italians having opinions about American food.
  5. This diet is my eating life goal.
  6. BOY do I miss these ladies and their podcastios!!  This is one of my favorites.  Mos Def!
  7. I’m making these rolls for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
  8. I just ordered these comfy looking slippers.
  9. This planner is one of the reasons I can’t wait to get my winter FabFit Fun box.  Join me!
  10. This run is my first of the new year.  How about you?

Thanksgiving 2016

Yesterday, we were recipients of a momentous occasion – my daughter’s boyfriend called us to ask for our blessing to marry her. We were stuck in traffic in South Carolina on our way to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family when he texted and asked if he could talk. Guys know guys – Michael knew what he wanted before he started talking.
The plan is for our families to get together and meet when he asks her.