1.  Exfoliation.  I’ve been using Shower Gloves now for almost 10 years on my body and face.  Yes, my face.  Some skin care experts may say that this is too abrasive on the skin, but I have silky smooth skin as a result of this diligent exfoliation (of course avoiding the eye area!).
  2. PRODUCT!  The good stuff is worth it, ladies!  My skin responds to Le Mer and Darphin products like you wouldn’t believe!  I am a regular at Blue Mercury where they give out all kinds of samples with every purchase.   I use a multitude of these on my face every morning and night.  No method, but simply switch up the products, and use several – a serum, eye cream, whatever you have.  I received a sample of Darphin’s Stimulskin Plus and immediately noticed the difference in the texture and appearance of my skin.  While using this magical stuff a young person told me that my skin looked amazing.  WORTH IT!
  3.  Sweat.  I get a lot of exercise and try to sweat every day – I can’t say that it gets out the toxins from a medical perspective, but does allow my skin to breathe.  The sweat has to go through the skin and pores to get out, creating openness.  Only beneficial things can come from this, right!?
  4. This is a tip I read about in a magazine years ago to reduce “raised  eyebrow lines”:  Put the palms of your hands together, place the fleshy part of the hand (below the thumbs) on your forehead and move in a circular motion, pressing gently and count to 20 repeat the opposite way.  IT WORKS!!

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