So this injury of mine has set me back a bit.  before the crash I was up to 4 unassisted pull ups.  I still can’t do any because my thumb is not yet healed all the way.  My rib felt SO MUCH better today, but it’s really a day to day thing, so we will see about tomorrow.

Saturday I went to the gym for the first time after the crash.  mY expectations of myself were not very high – I just wanted to be there and do SOMETHING.  I started with calf raises – no big deal.  I did 4 sets – 25/60/100/120.  Next I went down the leg machine circuit:  leg extensions – @ 30 lb., 30 lb. single leg, 35 lb., 40 lb.  (10 – 15 reps); 30 leg curl, 30/30/30, and abductor/adductor, (20 reps).   Then I did my yoga practice and it felt/hurt so good!

I was vey tired the rest of the day, but got on the trainer the next morning for a 30 minute taku workout.

Rest day today, but tomorrow – IT’S ON!!



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