Weekend Bucket List

Caramelized Garlic: This is on the agenda for the weekend! A few heads of garlic, a bit of butter and olive oil, some white wine, and very low heat, for however long it takes. I am thinking this is going to go in EVERYTHING, but to start, some pasta and on crusty bread. YUM! Pictures to follow.
Front Door Transformation: a (very rough) first coat of paint is already on. The knocker has arrived, the handleset is being purchased today. All that’s left is putting it all together. I CAN’T WAIT to see the result!!!
Hang out time with my girl: Maddi’s coming for the weekend! There will be hugging, lot’s of hugging, food, shopping, spa time, and for her, much needed SLEEP, I’m sure.

And of course, a bike ride.


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