Weekend Bucket List

Caramelized Garlic: This is on the agenda for the weekend! A few heads of garlic, a bit of butter and olive oil, some white wine, and very low heat, for however long it takes. I am thinking this is going to go in EVERYTHING, but to start, some pasta and on crusty bread. YUM! Pictures to follow.
Front Door Transformation: a (very rough) first coat of paint is already on. The knocker has arrived, the handleset is being purchased today. All that’s left is putting it all together. I CAN’T WAIT to see the result!!!
Hang out time with my girl: Maddi’s coming for the weekend! There will be hugging, lot’s of hugging, food, shopping, spa time, and for her, much needed SLEEP, I’m sure.

And of course, a bike ride.



Well, it’s been a bit….. and the big news is – we’ve moved into our very own place! We are so excited to be nesting together. We love the space, the view, the birds, the garden-to-be, and all the projects to complete!
First in time is the laundry room.
We bought a new washer and dryer, and will be buying a new tankless water heater. Then will come the paint cabinets, sink (from http://www.ecorelicss.com), and a few other touches to make it pretty. I can’t wait!
We had these delusions that we would close and immediately get into this project. What fools we were! We’ve been here over a week and only the washer and dryer are in. Things take so much longer in real life!
In other news, Michael’s daughter and baby boy are now living with us. I had mixed emotions about this at first, but now, I couldn’t imagine them being anywhere else. It is such fun to have a little guy around! He’s the cutest! And we get to see him every day, all of his little faces and noises, and how he grows. Yesterday we took him to church for the first time and left him in the nursery for the service, and he did great! Then I got to hang with him for my shift in the baby rom. BONUS! We love this little guy!


I started this post in April of 2013.  I think it’s time I published it, although I am not exactly sure what I was thinking.

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