This is what happens just abut every morning:  I wake from a nice snuggly sleep to go potty, get a drink of water, put Vaseline on my lips, and eye drops in my eyes.  The cat who has been sleeping at my feet all night is now up, and wants to #1 eat, then #2 go outside.  Despite being three years old now, he is still just a baby kitty.  He used to yowl for me to escort him to his food dish, then yowl for me to let him out.  These days I try to let him out without the food bit.  Anyway, this is my little morning ritual that has been getting me up before I am really ready to get up.  Before my body wants to get up, but not before my brain has started working, and is so completely distracted with the cares of the day that there is no way I am getting back to sleep.  So I think, and then I make coffee, and get out my computer.  And type, or get on the interweb, or think about baking.  Today I am thinking about my mom’s pizzelles.  She gave me her pizzelle iron last time we visited, and I have made them once, but not her recipe.  The ones I made were Tracy’s, a lovely confection made with butter, 3 eggs, and almond extract.  Mom’s recipe, though, is a completely different concoction:  12 eggs, and probably too much oil.  They take all afternoon to make.  But I want to do this.  Why?  Because that’s how she did it, and what that means for me is that that is how it’s ‘supposed to be done.  So there.

Yummy in the Sunny

Yummy in the Sunny

And here:


12 eggs

3 C. sugar

2 ½ C. oil

1 T. anise extract

1 T. anise seeds

2. t. vanilla

4 C. flour

In a large bowl, beat eggs, then add the sugar until blended.  Add the oil and mix until smooth.  Stir in anise extract and seeds, vanilla, and when blended, add in flour 1 cup at a time until well blended.  Let sit overnight to allow flavors to meld.

Making the pizzelles:

Plug in the pizzelle iron and wait for it to heat up (the light will go off, on mine, anyway).  Spray both sides with cooking spray, and pour a small amount, about the size of a tablespoon, onto the center of the iron.  I would rather have a smaller pizzelle that have to clean up batter that has poured out the side, so I start small, and if I need to use more the next time I make that adjustment.  Press the top down, and wait for about a minute.  Keep an eye on them, as you want them to be a just stating to turn a very light golden brown.  Remove from iron with a butter knife and place on paper towels to dry.  Keep doing this for hours, until you have several tall stacks of lovely, fragrant pizzelles.  Transfer to tins (the one my mom uses is the biggest, tallest tin I have ever seen. Enjoy with coffee or milk.  And friends.  And give as presents.  And eat more.



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