You are the here and now, the oh so ever present,
Where life happens, plans are made
and executed, where love exists,
where the rubber meets the road.
In an ever escalating pelaton, like
Winter’s leaves blown high on the wind,
You strive, you climb, you do, you are,
More than anyone I know, you take hold,
you grab on, you set your sights and off you go!
Planning, executing, authoring exploits;
Recreating reckless abandon that is the eight year-old in you,
In me in all who dare to follow into the blue
Yonder of the wild, to great and daring escapades.
Every day you create your story,
Memorializing with images and words;
A beautiful life fully alive, filled with
A future only One knows.
Growing, yearning, straining, pushing; steady as she goes;
Up Alp, through mud, o’er slippery cobbles; Labor’d
breath and foamy mouth sing you the opera of the possible.

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