SIX things that make me fell all warm and fuzzy:







My new Dirty Girl Gaiters!  They keep the gunk out of my shoes on long trail runs while being pretty….that makes me happy!

and its cousin limey-cello






Limoncello…. this stuff will DEF make you all warm and fuzzy~~~  check out my earlier post on the how-to.







Rosemary!!  This herb is doing SO WELL!!  It even has little flowers on it…  delicious with roasted chicken or pork roast!







Aerolatte Milk Frother. http://www.amazon.com/HIC-Brands-That-Cook-005/dp/B0002KZUNK       This little baby comes in handy for so many stirring jobs.  I use it a lot for mixing yeast in warm water when baking bread and beating eggs.And it makes the most frothiest of chocolate milk shakes yum. o.

Number 5 – perhaps not so much a kitten any longer, but still all baby on the inside:








And the most recent revelation – YOGA…. I have just come off of a wonderful yoga workshop weekend with Kathryn Budig.  She. is. AMAZING!!! In a what seems like lifelong effort to cure my lower back pain, and run long distances pain-free, I am doing more yoga, and attempting more difficult poses, which require more flexibility.  Check her out at http://kathrynbudig.com/






Muchos props to Joy at joythebaker.com and Tracy at shutterbean.com for the inspiration.  I love you guys!!!


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