Peachia Smoothie

SOMEONE thinks that this bright, clean, and tastiful treat needs a makeover – a please remove the chia seeds because they remind me of my bad experience with flaxseeds makeover. I said get over it and offered to make chia seed pudding for him.

We have been seeing peach peddlers on the side of the road and have wanted to make this Peach and Almond Cake from one of my favorite new blogs,

I really wanted to pick up some peaches.  And support local farmers.  So we stopped.  5 spot in hand, I get out of the car.   Surely 5 dollars would buy me some peaches from the roadside stand, right?  NOT.

I promptly return having shelled out $12 for what I am assured are the most succulent of spring’s harvest.  I was a little embarrassed that I actually paid $12 for 10 little peaches, especially when I knew I was going to get a ribbing (albeit good-natured – this, after all, is the man who went to the book store to return books to get a credit to buy more books then ended up spending over $50 on more books, btw)

So I had BETTER make good use of these peaches!  So I made a smoothie this morning.

2 peaches

1 cup of crushed ice

1 Tbs. of chia seeds

1/2 C. almond milk (or whatever kind of milk you drink, you just need some moisture)

It was DElish.  so there.


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