SIX things that make me fell all warm and fuzzy:







My new Dirty Girl Gaiters!  They keep the gunk out of my shoes on long trail runs while being pretty….that makes me happy!

and its cousin limey-cello






Limoncello…. this stuff will DEF make you all warm and fuzzy~~~  check out my earlier post on the how-to.







Rosemary!!  This herb is doing SO WELL!!  It even has little flowers on it…  delicious with roasted chicken or pork roast!







Aerolatte Milk Frother. http://www.amazon.com/HIC-Brands-That-Cook-005/dp/B0002KZUNK       This little baby comes in handy for so many stirring jobs.  I use it a lot for mixing yeast in warm water when baking bread and beating eggs.And it makes the most frothiest of chocolate milk shakes yum. o.

Number 5 – perhaps not so much a kitten any longer, but still all baby on the inside:








And the most recent revelation – YOGA…. I have just come off of a wonderful yoga workshop weekend with Kathryn Budig.  She. is. AMAZING!!! In a what seems like lifelong effort to cure my lower back pain, and run long distances pain-free, I am doing more yoga, and attempting more difficult poses, which require more flexibility.  Check her out at http://kathrynbudig.com/






Muchos props to Joy at joythebaker.com and Tracy at shutterbean.com for the inspiration.  I love you guys!!!


Peachia Smoothie

SOMEONE thinks that this bright, clean, and tastiful treat needs a makeover – a please remove the chia seeds because they remind me of my bad experience with flaxseeds makeover. I said get over it and offered to make chia seed pudding for him.

We have been seeing peach peddlers on the side of the road and have wanted to make this Peach and Almond Cake from one of my favorite new blogs,  www.thingswemake.com

I really wanted to pick up some peaches.  And support local farmers.  So we stopped.  5 spot in hand, I get out of the car.   Surely 5 dollars would buy me some peaches from the roadside stand, right?  NOT.

I promptly return having shelled out $12 for what I am assured are the most succulent of spring’s harvest.  I was a little embarrassed that I actually paid $12 for 10 little peaches, especially when I knew I was going to get a ribbing (albeit good-natured – this, after all, is the man who went to the book store to return books to get a credit to buy more books then ended up spending over $50 on more books, btw)

So I had BETTER make good use of these peaches!  So I made a smoothie this morning.

2 peaches

1 cup of crushed ice

1 Tbs. of chia seeds

1/2 C. almond milk (or whatever kind of milk you drink, you just need some moisture)

It was DElish.  so there.