Have you heard of limoncello?  Powerfully strong lemon flavor infused into powerfully strong alcohol rained upon by sugary syrup deliciousness.  It’s powerful strong stuff, so you should just take a small sip… let it go down your throat, taste the sweet lemoniness, feel the warm glow…

It’s SO easy to make!

First, you go to Costco (how many of my cooking adventures start with that sentence?) Nevermind.

You buy a bag (about 10) lemons.  Although, for the first time we’re trying limes as well.





Apparently any old citrus fruit will do, even oranges. 

We will be sure to make a full report as to the results.

Here’s the how:

Take the rind of 10 lemons (or limes or oranges).  You need the colorful part, with as little as possible of the whiteness.  Peel it all off and place in glass jar with a large bottle of grain alcohol (I use Everclear).  By large I mean not the 750 ml one, the one next to that one on the shelf, you know….

I happen to be half Italian which means I am genetically incapable of wasting things, especially food items, so I save the juice by freezing it in ice cube trays then emptying the frozen cubes into plastic baggies.  I use the cubes to make lemonade, or just put a cube into ice water in the morning.  Delicioso! 

Let sit for 10 days.  







On the tenth day, make a simple syrup with 6 cups of water and 7 cups of sugar.

Place in pot on stove on medium heat, let it boil for 3 minutes then take off heat and let cool to room temperature.   

Strain the lemon out of the grain alcohol, and add the cooled syrup.

You must, of course do several taste tests, no problem….

Then you pour the finished product into clear bottles and freeze, or give away as gifts.

You will be very popular.  You may become shnockered. Don’t blame me. 


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