I’ve renamed our home/s. temporarily.  I think it’s a must when: your future mother-in-law is laid up recovering from back surgery, her husband is in the hospital with an infected pancreas, your daughter has strep throat, her best friend has strep throat, and you have some type of ick that just may be the flu because it’s been 11 days and you’re not better yet.   That’s 4 sickies.  yeah.  WE SHOULD BE QUARANTINED.  Yeah, with a big sign on the door that says “DO NOT ENTER OR YOU WILL GET THE ICK TOO.”

SO, I’ve been ‘working from home’ today.  

Which means I’ve been sitting in bed with my computer, doing a bit responding to emails, and generally being distracted by other nonsense in between naps.  

and carb loading. and blowing my nose. eeww.




I do have some company: Jimmy


And Charlie…

and now Theo has joined us…

Apparently he has been beaten by the crossword and decided to give up….

we are a sorry lot….

I will only say that tomorrow has GOT to be better than THIS!  


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