Florida Challenge What NOT To Do 101

We THOUGHT we were prepared….

We THOUGHT we were all trained up…..

We THOUGHT we were BA…..

BOY were we wrong : )

In an effort to look at difficult experiences as learning opportunities, below is a list of where we may need a bit of improvement for the next time (the next time being full IM distance):


#1 – Practice long rides without practicing hydration and the type of nutrition you’re going to be taking in during the race;

#2 – Neglect adequate hydration and fuel the day before race day; my body would have been much more prepared I would have had more energy stores to draw from had I done so;

#3 – Ride your bike from the hotel to transition site; um, YEAH… we thought we’d be fine, and full -o -energy after this half?  We were sore mistaken….

#4 – Forget to where a watch so you at least know how much time you’ve got into it, and can then estimate how much longer you’re going to be out there, and plan accordingly;

#5 – Forget socks!!   The time it takes to put them on is totally worth it – the blisters on my toes were one factor in my decision to end before I’d finished;

#6 – Kill it on the bike, then have nothing left for the run; (easier said than done  in Clermont, where the hills necessitate added exertion)

#7 – Pay attention to how far along everyone else may or may not be… i don’t usually do this, but since I didn’t have a watch on I had no idea how long i had been going, and couldn’t judge how much longer it may take me;  it didn’t help that the run was out and back, then out and back again.  Mentally a bad thing for me… there is an out, so I took it.. if it had been  huge circle, then there would have been no turning back and I would have sucked it up.

#8 – Neglect the weights.  My upper body used to be much stronger before I started concentrating on the run/swim/bike thing so much.  At least 3 days of weights is making its way back into my summer training plan.

#9 – Practice the bike to run transition.  My chest felt compressed and I had such difficulty breathing that I couldn’t run for more than a few hundred feet at a time.

#10 – Try to avoid racing when you’re sick.  (okay this was unavoidable, really – I wasn’t going to NOT race after all that training!) I spent the past week with an upper respiratory infection and am still not feeling great.  EWww.

I wish we had more pictures, but the only one I actually have is the day before by the pool.  



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