Oh how I wish I had a camera with me! Last month I went to my hometown, Wilmington DE, to visit my family. I hooked up with the Delaware Running Club for a Saturday morning run, and was happy to see that I was in town for the monthly trail run.
Now, I have to tell you that I love living in the balmy clime that is Florida, but there is nothing like the trail system in this place. Thousands of acres of forest, parkland, and trails, dutifully and meticulously maintained.
So I go to the JCC and meet about 8 others and have the privilege of going for the next hour and 20 minutes as fast as my little legs can carry me, through the most beautiful trails……. Rocks abounding, LOTS OF HILLS ……. As I said I live in Florida … there aren’t many hills in these parts, SO this was wonderful training for Clermont. June 12, Florida Challenge more on that to come, but I can’t even begin to describe the beauty displayed on this run. I was told that you could run for 4 hours and not repeat a trail. Good thing I wasn’t dropped – I would have been screwed, because not that I was afraid that I would get lot, oh no, no… I was certain I would have gotten so lost that they would have had to send a search party out for me. I was told that wasn’t going to happen, so I felt good in knowing that someone was going to hang back with me. I did start out in the front group, but when the hills started to happen, I just could keep the same pace. But I did end up having a fabulous time worked hard, had some amazing training with a group of wonderful people, and MADE MY LEGS REALLY SORE . Love it!

On Saturday’s run I asked on of the guys where they would recommend running the next day. He told me about the Dealware Greenway starting at Bellevue State Park. And so I was hooked
I get up Sunday morning and head out ( a little later than I had wanted, but OH did it feel good to lay abed!) OMG!!! What amazing trails!!!! The map says the trail leads to the Brandywine Park downtown, (9 miles one way). My plan was to run just part of the trail, out and back for something like 12 or so total. I ran and ran and ran, and failed to see another human except those running, including participants in the Delaware Marathon – good timing.

How can I yell you of the beauty of Brandywine Park by the river?

Of Alapocas?

I ended up going all the way to Brandywine Park and back.
My Garmin was on, but there were too many trees for it to pick up the satellite, so I’m only estimating, I’m thinking it was at least 16 miles.
I can’t wait to go back and run there with Michael.


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