Just Another Adventure

So…  today was the last day of school… and our two youngest, full of spit, vinegar, and the excitement that comes with the first day of summer vacay,  texted us early in the afternoon..
“Lets run trails!”
Well…. We love to run anyway….  AND ….  tapering is overrated at best (we have a 1/2 IM on Sunday)…. SO after work we met them in the parking lot at the UNF to run said trails.
After a bit of hackeysack… wherein we discovered that Judi is a spazz …. we hit the trails with the intent of running a loop (3 miles) with the kids…  then picking it up for a second loop…  just the two of us.
So off we went…  and soon enough we (the grown-ups) had pulled ahead a bit.  There is this one spot where the trail goes to the left, but there is what looks like a trail that goes slightly right, that we think connects to the main trail about a mile ahead.  We’ve attempted to investigate this path before, only to be met with a dead end.  Today, SOMEONE wants to try again.  I go along, mostly because I am not the one whose job it is to go down the long way and attempt to forge a new path to freedom through spiderwebs and palmetto leaves.  My job is to run ahead, and take a right to meet up with Mr. Trailblazer.
So off we go…… the directive is that Mr. T will look for my black bandana-covered head, and I will look for his pink one.  We go our separate ways, and my right turn goes well, but lasts just long enough for me to realize that I will NEVER run voluntarily though spiderwebs…. NEVER.  I ran probably half a mile before I had to walk through the muck and brush to meet with an impasse.  Oddly enough, on the way in to the spider colony I did not even notice their webs.  (I think that’s their strategy, actually) .….  On the way out….. Different story altogether.  They were everywhere.  I could not make a move without running into a huge spiderweb with correspondingly huge spider in residence.  EEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
I whistled for a rescuer, but no rescuer responded, so I, out of necessity, I rescue myself .     It takes me a while, but I escape from the evil land of spiders  I whistled as I walked through the brush to alert the search party of my 10-20.
The girls ran towards me now knowing what was going on.
After I explained the hair-brained scheme, we all began to yell and whistle for Michael.   It didn’t take long for us to hear him in the distance, then see him hopping along through the palmettos.  He has escaped the spider infested forest with only some minor scrapes on his legs fro the palmettos.  NBD, we carry on.
Happily reunited we resume and finish the first lap.  The girls opt to head to the gym, and we head out for lap #2, which is uneventful until almost through.  AND THEN… running at a good clip, I trip on a root, and FWAP down I go.
The pictures tell the rest of the story.  No real injury, just a little dirt.  NBD, we carry on.
There ya go, another fun day of adventure, all normal operating procedure around here.
We head home for dinner and a little balm for our wounds – homemade limoncello just finished last night.  YUMMMY!
Recipe to follow – this stuff is in the EASY to make category, and totally worth it.
All better now.

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