Hammer Jammer


Our local triathlon club puts together a mock triathlon/multisport workout a few times a year… since our club is called the Hammerhead Triathlon Cub…. The workout is called the Hammer Jammer… goofy name, I know

Well.. after an easy recovery week from the ½ IM DNF we showed up Saturday morning to hang out with the club and get a solid 2.5 hours or so of training in.

It works like this….


We got to the site and set up transition pretty much like a race except for the fact that Judi and I had an entire rack to ourselves.

The swim was fairly quick, easy and uneventful… I was almost able to keep up with Judi by swimming in a straight line as she zigzagged between the beach and the Gulfstream


Transition was pretty low-key… we basically walked to the bikes with some club mates and soon I had fiddled around long enough to have gotten left so I hopped on and took off


I caught Judi and a couple other folks within the first mile or two then plowed ahead on my own. We had mostly a crosswind on the way down. I just stayed in the aerobars and tried to keep the effort constant. At 45 minutes I had almost reached the Vilano bridge… so I decided to ride to the top and try and make up the difference on the way back. Although I made up some time with a slight tailwind on the way back the ride portion still took 93 minutes which put me behind everyone once again on the run.

My plan for the run was to run steady on the way out… then once I saw Judi on the way back I would give her a minute or 2 head start and try and catch up. The plan worked great… I caught Judi right at 4 miles. Then we jogged the last ½ mile together…

Super workout with some fun folks… and we were finished with our workout… sitting on the beach with beer in hand by 1030.

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I’ve renamed our home/s. temporarily.  I think it’s a must when: your future mother-in-law is laid up recovering from back surgery, her husband is in the hospital with an infected pancreas, your daughter has strep throat, her best friend has strep throat, and you have some type of ick that just may be the flu because it’s been 11 days and you’re not better yet.   That’s 4 sickies.  yeah.  WE SHOULD BE QUARANTINED.  Yeah, with a big sign on the door that says “DO NOT ENTER OR YOU WILL GET THE ICK TOO.”

SO, I’ve been ‘working from home’ today.  

Which means I’ve been sitting in bed with my computer, doing a bit responding to emails, and generally being distracted by other nonsense in between naps.  

and carb loading. and blowing my nose. eeww.




I do have some company: Jimmy


And Charlie…

and now Theo has joined us…

Apparently he has been beaten by the crossword and decided to give up….

we are a sorry lot….

I will only say that tomorrow has GOT to be better than THIS!  

Florida Challenge What NOT To Do 101

We THOUGHT we were prepared….

We THOUGHT we were all trained up…..

We THOUGHT we were BA…..

BOY were we wrong : )

In an effort to look at difficult experiences as learning opportunities, below is a list of where we may need a bit of improvement for the next time (the next time being full IM distance):


#1 – Practice long rides without practicing hydration and the type of nutrition you’re going to be taking in during the race;

#2 – Neglect adequate hydration and fuel the day before race day; my body would have been much more prepared I would have had more energy stores to draw from had I done so;

#3 – Ride your bike from the hotel to transition site; um, YEAH… we thought we’d be fine, and full -o -energy after this half?  We were sore mistaken….

#4 – Forget to where a watch so you at least know how much time you’ve got into it, and can then estimate how much longer you’re going to be out there, and plan accordingly;

#5 – Forget socks!!   The time it takes to put them on is totally worth it – the blisters on my toes were one factor in my decision to end before I’d finished;

#6 – Kill it on the bike, then have nothing left for the run; (easier said than done  in Clermont, where the hills necessitate added exertion)

#7 – Pay attention to how far along everyone else may or may not be… i don’t usually do this, but since I didn’t have a watch on I had no idea how long i had been going, and couldn’t judge how much longer it may take me;  it didn’t help that the run was out and back, then out and back again.  Mentally a bad thing for me… there is an out, so I took it.. if it had been  huge circle, then there would have been no turning back and I would have sucked it up.

#8 – Neglect the weights.  My upper body used to be much stronger before I started concentrating on the run/swim/bike thing so much.  At least 3 days of weights is making its way back into my summer training plan.

#9 – Practice the bike to run transition.  My chest felt compressed and I had such difficulty breathing that I couldn’t run for more than a few hundred feet at a time.

#10 – Try to avoid racing when you’re sick.  (okay this was unavoidable, really – I wasn’t going to NOT race after all that training!) I spent the past week with an upper respiratory infection and am still not feeling great.  EWww.

I wish we had more pictures, but the only one I actually have is the day before by the pool.  



Oh how I wish I had a camera with me! Last month I went to my hometown, Wilmington DE, to visit my family. I hooked up with the Delaware Running Club http://www.delawarerunningclub.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=53 for a Saturday morning run, and was happy to see that I was in town for the monthly trail run.
Now, I have to tell you that I love living in the balmy clime that is Florida, but there is nothing like the trail system in this place. Thousands of acres of forest, parkland, and trails, dutifully and meticulously maintained.
So I go to the JCC and meet about 8 others and have the privilege of going for the next hour and 20 minutes as fast as my little legs can carry me, through the most beautiful trails……. Rocks abounding, LOTS OF HILLS ……. As I said I live in Florida … there aren’t many hills in these parts, SO this was wonderful training for Clermont. June 12, Florida Challenge http://floridachallenge.com/ more on that to come, but I can’t even begin to describe the beauty displayed on this run. I was told that you could run for 4 hours and not repeat a trail. Good thing I wasn’t dropped – I would have been screwed, because not that I was afraid that I would get lot, oh no, no… I was certain I would have gotten so lost that they would have had to send a search party out for me. I was told that wasn’t going to happen, so I felt good in knowing that someone was going to hang back with me. I did start out in the front group, but when the hills started to happen, I just could keep the same pace. But I did end up having a fabulous time worked hard, had some amazing training with a group of wonderful people, and MADE MY LEGS REALLY SORE . Love it!

On Saturday’s run I asked on of the guys where they would recommend running the next day. He told me about the Dealware Greenway starting at Bellevue State Park. And so I was hooked http://www.delawaregreenways.org/media/ndgtrail.pdf
I get up Sunday morning and head out ( a little later than I had wanted, but OH did it feel good to lay abed!) OMG!!! What amazing trails!!!! The map says the trail leads to the Brandywine Park downtown, (9 miles one way). My plan was to run just part of the trail, out and back for something like 12 or so total. I ran and ran and ran, and failed to see another human except those running, including participants in the Delaware Marathon – good timing.

How can I yell you of the beauty of Brandywine Park by the river?

Of Alapocas?

I ended up going all the way to Brandywine Park and back.
My Garmin was on, but there were too many trees for it to pick up the satellite, so I’m only estimating, I’m thinking it was at least 16 miles.
I can’t wait to go back and run there with Michael.

Just Another Adventure

So…  today was the last day of school… and our two youngest, full of spit, vinegar, and the excitement that comes with the first day of summer vacay,  texted us early in the afternoon..
“Lets run trails!”
Well…. We love to run anyway….  AND ….  tapering is overrated at best (we have a 1/2 IM on Sunday)…. SO after work we met them in the parking lot at the UNF to run said trails.
After a bit of hackeysack… wherein we discovered that Judi is a spazz …. we hit the trails with the intent of running a loop (3 miles) with the kids…  then picking it up for a second loop…  just the two of us.
So off we went…  and soon enough we (the grown-ups) had pulled ahead a bit.  There is this one spot where the trail goes to the left, but there is what looks like a trail that goes slightly right, that we think connects to the main trail about a mile ahead.  We’ve attempted to investigate this path before, only to be met with a dead end.  Today, SOMEONE wants to try again.  I go along, mostly because I am not the one whose job it is to go down the long way and attempt to forge a new path to freedom through spiderwebs and palmetto leaves.  My job is to run ahead, and take a right to meet up with Mr. Trailblazer.
So off we go…… the directive is that Mr. T will look for my black bandana-covered head, and I will look for his pink one.  We go our separate ways, and my right turn goes well, but lasts just long enough for me to realize that I will NEVER run voluntarily though spiderwebs…. NEVER.  I ran probably half a mile before I had to walk through the muck and brush to meet with an impasse.  Oddly enough, on the way in to the spider colony I did not even notice their webs.  (I think that’s their strategy, actually) .….  On the way out….. Different story altogether.  They were everywhere.  I could not make a move without running into a huge spiderweb with correspondingly huge spider in residence.  EEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
I whistled for a rescuer, but no rescuer responded, so I, out of necessity, I rescue myself .     It takes me a while, but I escape from the evil land of spiders  I whistled as I walked through the brush to alert the search party of my 10-20.
The girls ran towards me now knowing what was going on.
After I explained the hair-brained scheme, we all began to yell and whistle for Michael.   It didn’t take long for us to hear him in the distance, then see him hopping along through the palmettos.  He has escaped the spider infested forest with only some minor scrapes on his legs fro the palmettos.  NBD, we carry on.
Happily reunited we resume and finish the first lap.  The girls opt to head to the gym, and we head out for lap #2, which is uneventful until almost through.  AND THEN… running at a good clip, I trip on a root, and FWAP down I go.
The pictures tell the rest of the story.  No real injury, just a little dirt.  NBD, we carry on.
There ya go, another fun day of adventure, all normal operating procedure around here.
We head home for dinner and a little balm for our wounds – homemade limoncello just finished last night.  YUMMMY!
Recipe to follow – this stuff is in the EASY to make category, and totally worth it.
All better now.