Race Report – 26.2 with Donna Marathon, National Marathon…


Yes folks this was Judi’s first attempt at the full marathon distance… and what did my little 110 pound bundle of energy do on Friday afternoon before the race?

Red badge of courage

Yep she gave blood… when I questioned her thought process… her reply was "I’ve got plenty of that stuff"

We rode our bikes to the race.. about 3 miles… most of it on the freeway (which was closed) that’s a good thing too because it was dark still…


We ran on the beach



in Atlantic Beach


And Neptune Beach




Why is Judi only smiling in pictures when I’m not around?


we are actually in the both finish pictures above… we stopped and made out about 15 meters from the finish…


Judi with our groovy bikes


She dedicated her race to her MIL’s memory


Happy at the finish

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Better Late Than Never

ACT 10.17.10

act 2010logo

I love being a lawyer, I really do… really. But on days lik
e today when I am just brain-tired and have a mountain of work to do, some of which will actually make me money, what am I doing?! E

verything else but – obsessing on my favorite blog – www.joythebaker.com (check it out, people!) updating my training log, and thinking of what a lovely weekend ahead with my amazing, hot, fantastic boyfriend. Is that TMI for you? I make no apologies, just deal with it, (especially the jealous tri-list weenies)(that means YOU, Kurt!)

Anyway, the other thing I am doing (right now, actually) is a race report for my first half ironman distance tri – ACT – Atlantic Coast Triathlon.

We had reserved a room at a hotel about 100 yards from the start and transition area, a move that proved highly advantageous for a number of reasons:

Predawn Calm

#1 proximity to transition and start;

#2 proximity to the little swimmer’s room;

#3 the ability to set up our transition area then head back to the room to rest, get warm, and put on wetsuits, and rest some more before getting to the beach. It looks like proximity rules…

The weather was good – not to hot, not too cold (for me); and while the waves were not nonexistent, neither were they so intimidating as to make me dread the plunge. So, as it turns out, getting out past the breakers – not too bad; the actual swimming part, not so bad; navigating and trying not to get lost out there in the water – gotta work on that (after one ocean swim Michael said I looked like Billy from the Family Circus making his way home after getting off of the school bus); going from swimming to standing up and getting out of the water – much room for improvement there also. As I’m running toward the transition area, I hear my name, and who is behind me? Michael! Finishing just behind me…. . I was so glad to see him … So we ran to T1 together, and stopped to get our picture taken by the race photographer. Time? 38:17 T1 time – 3:24… yeah, I know! Don’t remind me!

Happy to be done with that!

HHHMMMM…. My transition times, I know, could use some serious trimming. I think the hardest part, and one thing I hadn’t really practiced, anticipated, or trained for was the getting OFF of the wetsuit. Well, yep, there I was, sitting on the ground, straining to get that dang thing off of my ankle. It was as if my ankle had swollen to epic proportions, and was hanging on to that thing for dear life! Finally I wrench it from my straining foot and head to the port-a-let, then onto my bike.

All I will say about the bike is that I felt good the whole time and averaged around 19… AND I must have snot-rocketed my body weight in fluid during the first half.

Time – 2:58:05 let’s not talk about the transition time.

good thing you can’t see the rockets

On to the run – hot and long, but fun all the same. Those Boy Scouts were so cute… handing out gels and drinks so diligently….. and SO PREPARED!! Amazing. Michael said he was going to come back and meet me to run the last few miles together, so I was looking for him and find him… at the start of the last mile or so sitting down at an aid station eating pizza and chatting it up with the volunteers. Apparently they thought he had given up and was just waiting for his hardcore girlfriend. A fact supported by the request for pizza. So he runs in with me, but goes steps aside as I am about to run across the finish line. Then I hear the announcer guy say my name over the loudspeaker, and “with her boyfriend Michael waiting to give her a big kiss.” And he did….. Now THAT’S the way to end a race! Time – 2:20:46 and thankfully…no transition. Halleluiah and amen.

And after all was said, done, swum, biked, and run, I had an amazing time and look forward to a few more, and longer, races in 2011.                                                     Final time – 6:05:05

The Hardware

Spin Cycle


Email from Friday….

From: Cowart, M
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 10:11 AM
To: Judi S
Subject: Friday!

Hey babay,

My mind is on the weekend already…

Time to look at the hourly forecast… and plan a ride route


Looks cold wet and windy….

Maybe 2x or 3x spin and fitness yoga


What do you think?

Well… Judi was game.

0720 found us at the Y with cups of coffee in hand… and our gym bags packed for a fun-filled morning.

The first class was “RPM” I think… http://www.lesmills.com/global/rpm/about-rpm.aspx

The instructor was a little hard to understand but the music was okay.

This was not our instructor… although ours did wear a backwards cycling cap:


This was not us… although we were just as thrilled.


mc%2Brun%2B4-731625.JPGWe had about 45 minutes between our 1st and 2nd classes… and decided to lift. We di chest/tris and for the first time in months I was able to do 10×135# on the bench without too much pain… sore pecs now… nice… I was a little self-conscious sweating all over the place in tri-shorts and a jersey…

The 2nd class was taught by one of Judi’s friends… she is a riot and had a great music selection.

Between class 2 and 3 we only had 15 minutes… I decided to run a quick mile on the treadmill…

Class 3 was taught by a lady I refer to as “Geritol Barbie” she’s a little older… quite fit and a bit full of herself… and by this time I was a little tired of the spin room. The first few songs were not so bad but.. by the 3rd Kei$ha song I was about to go nuts… I tried to poke some headphones in my ears deep enough to drown out the “Boots and Boys” but I found no relief… Judi’s iPod had no issues and she spun next to me in peaceful, Linkin Park accompanied, bliss… the class ended up being 90 minutes long too… and the music got no better…

IMG00059-20110205-1652-733204.jpgAfter class… cool down and stretch Judi wanted to stretch more… so I hit the treadmill for another quick mile…

In the end 190 minutes of spinning… 2 miles run and 35 minutes of weights… and we were off to Babies ‘R Us.

No we are *not* having a baby… just picking up a gift for a baby shower…

Just about right for a training session… On a rainy, windy, Saturday in February… but… praying for decent weather nest week so we can get back on the road.



Lately I’ve been in the so called “Base Period” of training.

My two big A races back in October (1/2 IM) and Marathon (December) netted PRs and signified the end of a successful season. Now my goals are months away

It has been quite a while since I have experienced this…

In June 2009 I started training for the ACT ½ IM… then immediately into Marathon training…

kkpli-776262.PNGWhile training for the marathon I decided to sign up for Desert RATS 2010… Well… having never done an ultra… the thought of basically doing a few of them in a week (RATS) scared me into signing up for a few. Which I did last year leading up to RATS. Once that was over tri season was in full swing… which in turn ran into running season again last fall. 18 solid months of build/race/repeat…. Whew!

So January 2011 was rest/cross train/base build for a new season. And this year is all about Triathlon…. None of this ultra silliness (well… maybe just one http://www.performancemultisports.com/Jetty2JUltra.htm )

speedo%2Bpaddles-777943.jpgto that end… and with some seriously tired running legs… I did the following:

  • 1. Pilates
  • 2. Absoloution (another core fitness class)
  • 3. Yoga
  • 4. Started swimming with the masters group
  • 5. Had my highest swim yardage output ever
  • 6. Bought some new tri/swim gear (Aero Helmet/Paddles)
  • 7. Had the lowest run mileage output in the past 2 years
  • 8. Had a solid cycling month
  • Giro%2Baero-778905.jpg9. Well rounded and consistent strength training.

Now it’s February… I do feel a bit more rested… ready to continue with this “base phase” (and run a marathon with Judi – her first). Feeling like some additional core and leg strength will go a long way… to helping me go a long way later in the season.

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