About that 20 miles…..

Ok, so we were going to run 20 miles this morning. I was told that the temperature when we would be setting out would be the highest all day (42). Fine. I WASN’T informed about the wind and rain. Good thing, too. I was already making grumpy noises about climbing back into bed, or hopping into Michael’s friend’s Mark’s car (we were supposed to pick him up at mile 6) and waiting for them to swing back around. I was even scheming that I could get Mark to drive us home….. I warmed up by mile 3 or so, as we headed down to where we were to meet Mark. His grand plan was to drive to a convenience store and run 9 or so with us. We get to said location and no Mark. We were running 20 minutes behind schedule, so we felt safe in assuming that he wasn’t late or that he had been waiting for us, given up and gone on home.
So it was just Michael and me for the duration. We head over one of the bridges crossing the intracoastal to the beach. The rain had already started before the Mark pick-up spot. I felt the wet drops on my face and looked over at Michael and nodded my head with a smile. He smiled back. At this point I need to explain something to you. Michael is not the same kind of different as most people. There are those who run marathons, and then there are those who are just getting started at mile 26. There are those who look out the window at the cold rain and say “maybe I’ll skip it today,” and there are those who can’t wait to get out in the stuff. He’s one of the second kind. Yeah… I’m getting there, though. Truth be told, once we were out there, and I was warm, it wasn’t that bad. I would call the worst of the rain a heavy sprinkle.
The most AWESOME part, though, was the wind… hooray… gotta love the wind…. especially going back over the water and up to the turn home – a 3.5 mile stretch of nothing but 38 degrees and hateful wind which Michael has described as “the best part – the picture of miserable.” I do love him so : )
I took Michael up on his offer and drafted behind him for a lot of it. The other parts, I just toughed it out and pretended I was stronger than the wind. And that made it so.
We ended up with 18.5, and were glad to have another adventure under out belts.
“Oh, fear not in a world like this, and thou shalt know erelong, know how sublime a thing it is to suffer and be strong.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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