Judi’s first 20… um I’m sorry… I mean 22.5 miler

Today was to be Judi’s first 20 miler.
40 degrees at the start…  at 0530 in the dark.  We left just as the newspaper was being delivered.
our route was set:

A perfect plan

Things began well.  After a couple of 10s to shake the legs out from Thursday’s 1/2 Marathon we settled into a nice 9:45 pace….  topped the Beach Boulevard bridege just as dawn broke….  then were treated to a spectacular bright sunrise over the Atlantic when we hit the boardwalk.

We headed north through Neptune Beach and onto Atlantic Beach…  that’s where the perfect plan met the imperfect planner.  I could not remember where we were supposed to make our turn for home…  oh, well…  I thought I did…  or more accurately…  I guessed.

We got to the turn pretty well, however, and headed back…  then missed the next turn.  I thought we were okay tho still…

Back over the Intrercoastal was another treat as we saw 4 or 5 porpoises playing in the water below as well as an Osprey.

Funny thing…  when I glanced at the distace on my Garmin I noticed that we were at 18 miles…  and knew that we were *way* more than 2 miles from home…  I held my little secret for a mile or so then gently broke the news to Judi…  to her credit she took the news well…  as any one who has done a 20 miler…  epecially your first 20 miler…  being told that it was likey to be 22ish is not welcome news.

we walked for a minute a couple of times in the last 4 miles but still held a pretty good pace.

As usual we had an awful lot of fun out there

post run... Judi is still smiling.. and talking to me


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